Dual Circuits Loyalty Scheme

At Dual Circuits we believe it is important to reward customer loyalty so have introduced our loyalty scheme for all registered customers.

To join the Loyalty Reward Scheme you need to register for a customer account. This may be completed at the end of the ordering process or on request by completing the registration application below. As well as earning loyalty points a customer account can help you keep track of your completed orders, check on current order status, and check your loyalty points total and value. As an added incentive applicants using the registration below will be given 50 loyalty points to use against their first order. Please note that registrations using the application below together with the awarding of the 50 free points are completed by Dual Circuits manually so may not be immediately available.

Gaining Points:

Loyalty points are earned on all purchased items, at a rate of 1 point (worth 5 pence), for every £1 spent. Point levels are shown for each item on the catalogue item description.
Loyalty points are rewarded against product values, but not delivery charges. Points are awarded to your account following completion of the 14 day return period. Where products are returned or cancelled, adjustments will be made to reflect the revised total spend.
Points are only awarded on orders where the account has been set up and logged into. If you choose to order as a guest, points will not be added even if an account is already set up in your name. The system is automated and will not recognise an account holder who is checking out as a guest.

Checking Points:

You can check your loyalty points total by logging into your account via the Login button at the top of every web page on this site. When placing an order you will also see a total of points accrued during the checkout process.

Spending Points:

Loyalty points must reach a value of £1.00 (or 20 points) before being used against an order. When checking out your cart select secure checkout and alternative payment method if you will part pay with points. You will be shown the value of points redeemable on the order summary page during the checkout process. You can choose to redeem any amount of points over 20, or keep them for future orders.
Loyalty points are valid for 24 months from your last order date: if you have 20 points which expire next month but you place an order today it will extend the validity of the first 20 points plus your new points for another 24 months. If you do not place an order for over 24 months any loyalty points earned will expire.

For any problems or queries relating to the scheme please send us a message via our Contact Us page.

To register ahead of placing an order, and to claim your free 50 Loyalty Points, please complete the application form below this paragraph. On completion of the form you'll receive an e-mail in return asking you to complete and add a password:


Dual Circuits reserve the right to alter the scheme terms and conditions at any time, but notice of 21 days will always be given to account holders where changes may have a negative affect on members. Dated details of changes would be shown on this page as highlighted text.