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Slot car racing gives people of all ages and abilities the chance to take part in real motor racing with people who are in the same room as you are, who you can chat with and share a laugh. Success comes from preparing and maintaining your cars, learning and improving your race craft and gaining experience – it’s real motor racing. In miniature.

The circuit at Farnborough Park Scalextric Club is a four-lane setup built from Ninco plastic track – widely agreed to be the best of the commercially-available tracks for a large setup. The advantage of running plastic track is that this is the surface upon which the sort of ready-to-race cars that we use were designed for – no need for fancy guides, special tyres or exotic tyre treating ‘goop’ to be applied between heats.

Although our club track is equipped with brakes for most of the classes that we run those brakes are switched off. It’s simply a preference of the majority of members.